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solidworks how to create miter flanges tool CSWP Sheet Metal

solidworks how to create miter flanges tool CSWP Sheet Metal.The miter flange is definitely one of the most powerful sheet metal tools and let me show you how it works. More than likely we are gonna be seeing this on the exam, so definitely pay attention. So the first thing I need to do is create a sketch that will define the shape of the flange. Now I'm gonna choose any outside surface like this one here, this one here, this one over here, or this one over here. All right, so in this case here I'm just gonna choose and say this one here. Go ahead and start a sketch on that surface and go ahead and start with a line command.

And I'm gonna go up here to the upper corner and just start defining a shape. Now I can define a single line. I can define two lines. I can define three lines, and in fact I can even define four or five or as many lines as I really want all to define the shape of that flange. Now if you look at it like this you can see we're gonna take this flange here and we're gonna make it go down this way there. And then I can then make it go and follow around the outside profile of the shape. You can use multiple flanges or just create one individual flange at a time.

But what really uses the power of the miter flange is when you get to corners. 'Cause it's automatically gonna miter those corners for you. And let me show you how that works. So the first thing I wanna do is exit out of that sketch for right now. Then come over here to Sheet Metal and click on Miter Flange. All right, there it is because I already had that sketch predefined it just chose that sketch. And it also chose the edge that it was going along. Now if you didn't already have an edge selected or that sketch selected it would probably ask you to select this sketch here, as well as an edge to go along.

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