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learn solidworks how jog works Sheet Metal

learn solidworks how jog works Sheet Metal .The jog feature in sheet metal is yet another tool that simplifies design features. Many times a 2 bend step is required for mounting, to avoid other features, or create a simple wall and using the jog feature combines them into one item.This is a huge help considering that all sheet metal parts must be flattened. If there is a limited amount of material available the jog feature (with Fix Project Length cleared) will lock in this design intent. Skip this step and solidworks will still let you design a part, and even flatten a part which can not be created. Take a look at the images below, see something wrong? You should. This part can not be created from a single flat sheet of material, look at how the flat patten overlaps itself.

Above I’ve taken a tab that would have caused interference and moved it while still keeping it’s length in one direction. The alternative to using the jog feature here would be to Cut>Edge Flange/Tab>Edge Flange Tab or Cut>Miter Flange the part. Even though the jog feature is system intensive on the rebuild the relations required to capture the design intent are much easier to input using a jog and it keeps the total feature count down.

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