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solidworks how forming tools are built and used in Sheet Metal Design

solidworks how forming tools are built and used in Sheet Metal Design.On the sheet metal exam, more than likely you're going to need to use a forming tool and add it to a sheet metal part. You're probably going to have to download that form tool from the testing client as well as the part you're going to be operating on. And in this case here, I've got a couple of different parts in that folder which is 2.12. Inside of chapter two, inside the exercise file folder. Now if we go ahead and look over here on the right hand side you look at the Design Library here and under the Design Library if you click on the twirl down, you can see Forming tools. If you twirl that one down, you can see we've got a bunch of different tools pre-loaded, embosses, extruded flanges, lances, louvers and ribs.

In this case here what I have is a new louver which I'd like to add to the library. So the downloaded louver file is on your desktop somewhere and we want to add it to this folder. If you right click on this folder here, you can say open folder. All right I'm going to go ahead and minimize Solidworks for a second here.

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